Crimp F connectors series MFC80


Crimp F connectors made entirely in Italy and designed to be coupled with the coaxial cables most used in terrestrial and satellite TV antenna systems. For the small size these F connectors are particularly suitable for use in derivation boxes, but for the robustness and excellent resistance to the weather can also be used outside.


  • Simplified installation: first screwed to the cable, then crimped
  • small size (ledge only 15 mm)
  • strong grip on the cable
  • Robustness
  • high resistance to weathering
  • original aesthetics.
Article MFC8050 MFC8066
Connector type  
Cable fixing Crimping
Cable diameter 5.0 mm 6.6 mm
Crimping tool 0.262″ 0.324″
Material brass turned
Galvanic treatment rapping – nickel
Weight (g) 6.5 4.5
Package transparent jar diam.64 mm height 86 mm containing 100 pz
Preparing the cable